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Advertise With Us today www.travelmail.in is one of leading India’s International Travel News Portal having readers all over the world.

Today we proudly say that No trade site matches www.travelmail.in in either the speed of its updates or the sheer breadth of its news or its credibility. It is equal to more than 25 print travel publications in readership.  www.travelmail.in is read in India and countries because it is updated more than 4 to 10 times in a day to give maximum latest news to the world.

After its successful launch, the website has become a destination for surfers at home and abroad now numbering chasing to 30,000 a day. The community of its registered surfers includes ministers, bureaucrats, business people, Govt Officials, Professionals, CEOs, Chairman, Managing Director, Director, President, Vice President, General Manager, Hoteliers, Restaurant Manager, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Tour Organizers, Guides, Heads of all Departments and Related Trade People among several others.

For the advertisers, this represents a huge value proposition. The brand worth of www.travelmail.in is so strong and its presence through its portal so widespread. Your Brand will be right at the heart of the Travel Mail anywhere you want it, within the Post, Category, Side Bars, Top, Bottom you know it we got it. We would make sure you have the best result that thousands of people who visit our site daily can see your brand.

The Advertisers have various tariff options to choose from, options that fit their size and budget. With our different size options, you will be really getting feasible.

For Advertise With Us or Advertorial or Media Partnership:

INDIA: NEW DELHI HEAD OFFICE: 011-23626465, 23631359, 23679843

Please contact: advertise@travelmail.in

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